Merkmale und Pflege der Scottish Fold Katze

Characteristics and care of the Scottish Fold cat

This cat was first discovered in 1961 by William Ross, a farmer in Scotland. These cats have a prominent ear. She is also recognized as a cat by international organizations. These cats are physically similar to the British Shorthair except for the ears.

These cute cats have curled ears. Due to a genetic cartilage disorder, their ears are bent forward. These cats have been registered by feline organizations such as the ACF, CFF and CFA. Later research revealed that these cats' ear structures were caused by infections and genetic disorders. Scottish Fold cats are calm, friendly and harmonious in character. They have short, thick and silky hair.

They are medium-sized with a thin, short tail structure. It weighs 5-8 kg. Their plumage comes in various colors such as cream, smoky, brindle-white and orange. The eyes vary according to the color of the plumage. They are copper, gold and amber in colour.


These cats have two different hair textures. They are referred to as longhair and shorthair. Grooming short-haired Scottish Fold cats is very easy. Since they are short-haired, combing them once a week is enough. Hair loss is very rare. Long-haired Scottish Fold cats are difficult to care for. It needs to be combed three times a week. These cats are calm and composed. They are very good with the household and the people around them.

They adapt quickly and get used to their surroundings in no time. They love to play with children and show interest in them. They are cats that are easy to communicate with. She is a smart and noble cat. Since these cats' ears are curled, they do not cause problems in situations such as discharge and there is no deafness. They can live up to around 16 years and their care can vary depending on their living conditions. When choosing the right food for your cat, be sure to consult a veterinarian.

The most sensitive points of these cats are their ears. That's why you should groom your ears regularly. You should check their ears and protect them from infection. You should comb the hair of Scottish Fold cats that don't shed excessively with a cat comb or brush to remove dead hair. You can comb your hair three times a week. These cats are a special breed and in order for them to live a healthy life, the food should be carefully selected. You can do a little test by buying small packets of cat food. After that, you can constantly buy him the food he likes. The reason for this is that they don't eat all foods and are very sensitive to their taste.

Wash your best friend with warm water and towel dry his feathers to prevent him from getting sick. Never use a dryer to dry. These cats' nails grow very quickly. So cut your nails regularly. Otherwise, long nails may damage your cat's paws. Don't forget to buy cat candles, cat litter, cat bed, cat scratch board and toys. By providing these and by taking good care of them, you will ensure that your cat leads a healthy and happy life.
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