Was sind Scottish Fold Krankheiten?

What are Scottish Fold diseases?

They are also very popular in our country. Their ears are curved forward due to a genetic mutation. These cats live to be around 17 years old. Male breeds weigh 4-6 kg. The female animals weigh 2-4 kg.

These cats belong to the medium-sized breeds. Their most distinctive side is that they have curled ears. Their hair is very short, but the Scottish Longhair breed's hair is long. Their coat colors are white, cream, smoke, and orange.

Eye color may vary depending on coat color. They are usually amber, copper and golden in colour. Her eyes are medium sized and her head is round. The most important feature of this breed is that they are harmonious. In terms of character, they are calm and docile cats. They get used to their environment very quickly and adapt to it.

What are Scottish Fold diseases?

They like to play with children. You are attached to people and enjoy being with them. They are not stubborn and aggressive. They don't have the habit of jumping over the TV and cabinets. They are cats who enjoy playing moderately and dislike being outside. It is a breed that likes domestic life more and is compatible with city and construction site life. So, if you want a cat and you have kids, you can definitely get a Scottish Fold.

These cats feel a deep loyalty to all family members back home. The rumor that they are only interested in one person is false. They are calm and level-headed cats who make friends quickly. They are cats that sit on your lap and love each other. These cats get along very well with other cats and dogs.

Scottish Fold cats are among the cats put up for adoption because of their medical conditions. These cats with the friendly, chubby faces are loved by everyone. Their curled ears are a harbinger of some diseases. Under normal conditions, cats have erect ears. However, due to the mutation of these cats, they are forward facing and curled up.

Serious illnesses can develop in these cats with interesting, curled ears due to a genetic disorder. In addition, they can have many problems other than the joints. If they get sick, they immediately show it with their facial expressions. When these cats with broken ears have serious illnesses, their owners may not be aware of this situation.

These cats have cartilage problems, ie joint diseases. This is called osteochondropysplasia. Curling the ears in the body can cause many deformities. Therefore, it is possible for all kittens to become infected with the disease.

Scottish fold joint disease causes abnormal bone development and movement that can limit mobility and cause severe and excruciating pain. X-rays taken from kittens at seven weeks of age show this. These cats have severe bone growth abnormalities.

You have swollen and painful joint disorders. They have thick and inflexible cocks. They have short and stiff legs. Because of joint disease, they can become lame, have an abnormal gait, and be unable to perform movements such as walking and jumping. They may be completely disabled and unable to perform natural behaviors.

Difficulty walking, inability to move the tail and feet, noises like moaning, swollen ankles, abnormal gait, curled ears... are signs of illness.

Because these disorders are genetic, there is no definitive treatment. That is why you need to be very careful when adopting these cats.

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