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Catsy 1A cat house

Catsy 1A cat house

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Do you have a big cat that is destroying your best furniture and needs a place to scratch? Protect your home from scratches and get a scratching post. Featuring our luxurious mattress, they are easy to clean and have a contemporary design that will complement any interior perfectly. All of our products meet the highest quality standards, so you can be sure they won't peel off and leave scratched furniture in your home.


Our large cat scratching post is perfect for a variety of cats. With natural wood and carpet, it can be easily integrated into any interior. Our rug is easily washable so your furry friend can keep everything clean and fresh. The scratching post offers many opportunities to sit and watch the world go by. Your furniture, carpets and curtains are safe with this scratching post!


All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards so you can be assured that the cat house will exceed your expectations. Our cat tree is perfect for your feline companion: a large, modern cat house made from medium density fibreboard. Our high quality natural carpet design is sure to match your style. Buy today and grab an attractive price on the best big cat house for your furry friend!

Save your cat from ruining your furniture and say hello to our big cat scratching post! We have a variety of sizes and styles so you can find one that suits your furry friend's personality. Our durable cat tree is made from specially treated scratch-resistant wood, so you don't have to worry about damaging your couch or chair.

Your cat will feel right at home with our luxurious scratching posts. They are super easy to assemble, have an easy-to-clean carpet and a modern design that fits into any home. Your kitty won't want to leave when he sees his new luxurious scratching post!

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