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Catsy C4A cat house

Catsy C4A cat house

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We knew it and now we have it in black and white.

Cats love their new Catsy house and no longer filing their paws on the furniture!


We know how important it is to offer your furry friend the best possible quality of life. That's why we've selected our high quality materials to keep you safe, happy and healthy at all times. Our scratching posts are made from the best materials to last.

There is nothing better for your cat than a nice, comfortable and relaxing place to play, sleep or scratch! A scratching house is the perfect solution for you and your cat. Easy to assemble, durable and reliable, our play structure will keep your cat pampered and snuggled for hours. Spoil your cat with our Tente play post!


Offer your cat friends a cozy place to stay with the cat house. This modern cat house has an open plan design with a cat's paw shaped door that offers excellent ventilation and style. The cat bed can be placed in any room of the house, e.g. B. in the bedroom or in the living room to embellish any decoration scenario. It is even suitable for small apartments as it does not take up too much space.


Our Woofy Pet Scratcher will add elegance and a luxurious feel to your home. Our cat tree features an elegant corner design with great non-scratch carpet, providing your cat with a healthy scratching opportunity.


Cats deserve their own home, an elegant retreat where they can relax and play. So give them comfort with this fantastic scratching post from Woofy Pet. The high quality products are handmade, eco-friendly and durable.

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