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Catsy C6 cat house

Catsy C6 cat house

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This beautiful modular designer cat house from Woofy Pet will be a royal retreat for your cat. The unique design is perfect for small spaces and premium aesthetics. Every aspect of this product is designed with your pet's happiness in mind.


Modern and stylish, the cat house is a great way to upgrade your home decor while providing the space, stability and comfort your beloved feline friend will love. Every aspect of this product has been carefully considered by our designers to ensure your pet's safety. This comfortable sleeping area allows your cat to rest comfortably while also having access to additional play options.


Woofy Pet is a company founded by animal lovers known for their handmade products made from non-toxic materials of the highest quality. Woofy Pet combines function with style so you can offer your kitty a safe and cozy place to rest or play without compromising on your home design.


Here are some of the amazing features of this product:
Available in with two entrances with anti-scratch carpet
Soft and comfortable mattress;
Made from natural wood and FSC certified
High quality material and workmanship;
A thoughtful gift for cat owners, friends, loved ones;
Elegant and stylish design;
paw-shaped door;
Keeps cats busy and away from your furniture, sofas and carpets.

Cats will never get enough of these caves for cats. You and your cat can enjoy each other's company while taking in their surroundings. Our pets deserve to be treated with love, comfort and happiness. With a unique design and the two cushions, you will fall in love with this luxury cat scratching post immediately!

The Woofy Pet Scratcher is a sleek and modern pet product that your cat will thank you for. This sturdy structure is finished with a non-toxic finish that allows your cat to enjoy themselves on any surface. Get a cat house from Woofy Pet and your pet will be off the floor!

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