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Woof 3A Modern Doghouse Indoor

Woof 3A Modern Doghouse Indoor

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Make your dog king in his own world! The Woofy Pet Modern Dog House is suitable for even the most active of dogs, as it offers a large floor space to play and relax. The natural color of the wood is light and it also blends in well with any garden or yard. And thanks to our eco-friendly paint, the hut is protected from rot and wear and tear.


Give your dog the comfort, privacy and space they deserve with the Woofy Pet Indoor Kennel. Designed for smaller dog breeds, this kennel is made from sturdy solid pine wood that has been coated with eco-friendly varnish to protect it from scratches from sharp claws. The construction is extremely robust and can withstand any abuse from your pet, which ensures a long service life of the product. The house also has an attractive natural color that makes it perfect for homes that don't want to be too colorful and bright.


The kennel for small dogs and cats. Woofy Pet Dog House is a prefabricated dog house with a noble style, created by a professional team with the aim of creating an attractive and comfortable place for your pet to rest. All parts come in a single compact package and can be set up in minutes thanks to the QR code and the installation video and find their place in your home.


Handy and compact, our pet bed is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be used in any room in your home. You can use it as a side table or as an extra bed for your dog. It has a soft cushion to keep your dogs warm in winter, which is washable.


The modern Woofy Pet kennel offers your furry friend a comfortable and stylish place to rest. The kennel is spacious enough for medium and small dogs. The kennel measures 70 x 60 x 59 cm.

Your pup needs a warm and cozy bed so you don't have to let him sleep on the cold floor anymore. The modern, fashionable design makes this house a great addition to any home, with all the amenities your dog needs. Free Happy Woof's included!

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